My Rig

After looking for some time, I finally found the perfect rig for me: a 2017 ProMaster City cargo van. Why did I choose this make and model?


In general, I wanted to get a small van I could modify and camp in, but also use as my daily driver. I couldn't afford something like a Travato, and I didn't want to drive a large cargo van. The ProMaster City seemed to be the sweet spot for my needs and circumstances.



My Top 7 Reasons for Choosing the ProMaster City and the Wayfarer Van kit

#1 PRICE. At $18,000 used it was a simple trade for my 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum. This rig is sometimes hard to find. I searched all kinds of online sources focused on the western U.S. until one appeared that was newer and within my price point. 


#2 LOW MILES. Used for about 9 months as a rental, this PMC had only 17,000 miles. Ram has a pretty decent warranty plan with protections and services extending to 60,000 miles.


#3 SIZE. I like the form factor.  I didn't want a large cargo van and I wasn't interested in car camping. This is the sweet spot for me with the largest cargo capacity in its class and enough space for me to sleep, cook, and perform other sundries inside.  I do wish I could stand up, but I appreciate being able to sit upright comfortably with my Wayfarer kit

#4 WINDOWS. It's not always easy to find a Promaster City with windows on the read and sliding doors. While there are some cons (heating/cooling is more of a challenge with extra glass) but the feeling of openness it provides while inside and ease of navigating traffic and reversing is more than worth it to me.


#6 WAYFARER VAN COMPATIBLE. I'm a fan of the Wayfarer Van kit. It's an easy to install, plug-n-play system that lets you convert your PMC into a camp set up in under an hour.  Ian and his crew have experimented with and designed a truly remarkable product to help get people into a NEW WAY of living, whether they are weekend warriors or nomads.


Please join my Wayfarer Vans Fans group on FB. It's a place where current owners share their honest experiences with both Promaster and Wayfarer products and prospective owners can ask questions that will help them decide what will fit their adventure needs.


#5 PEP. It has a 2.4-liter Tigershark 4-cylinder engine with 178 hp/174 lb-ft of torque, so it's not huge, but the 9-speed automatic transmission makes it feel peppy going down the road or in city traffic.


#7 BELLA APPROVED. My 10-year-old Border rescue is a big reason why I love to hit the road. I've tried different camping options with her, including a Teardrop trailer, but she never seemed to relax in them.  She loves the wide views through the windows in the PMC, ease of entry/exit, and the ability to stretch out on the bed system while I am going down the road.