"The Niagara of the West" - Visiting a wonderful waterfall in central Idaho

Idaho is one of our country's hidden gems (and we kind of like to keep it that way). I'm super blessed that within a few hours of my home in southeastern Idaho are many stunning national wonders - from the breathtaking Sawtooths to the Lost River Valley. This weekend Bella and I ventured to Idaho's center to check out the campground at Massacre Rocks State Park and view the stunning Shoshone Falls. Located just three miles northeast of the city of Twin Falls, these falls stretch over 900 feet across and drop over 212 feet, making them taller than Niagara Falls. Spring and early summer is the best time to visit, in terms of seeing the maximum amount of water flowing over the cliffs. I hope you enjoy my short video and add Shoshone Falls to your bucket list.

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