Some of my Favorite Gear for the Wayfarer Van, Part I - iNergy Kodiak Generator, Road Pro, & Mor

I travel and camp in a 2017 Promaster City with a Wayfarer Vans kit. This is part 1 of my Favorite Gear for traveling and living in a Wayfarer Van.


- inergy Kodiak Solar Generator (2nd generation now available for preorder Feb 2019)

- Road Pro 12 volt portable stove

- Road Pro 12 volt electric blanket

- KK.BOL Solar Lamp Portable LED Light Bulb

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My name is Thomas - my goal is to share practical tips, tricks, ideas, modifications for my ProMaster City that would apply to most car or vans - while also learning from nomads with more experience - so that together we may experience a new way of life.


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