"More than" Goodenough Creek Campground

Twelve minutes from my front door is one of my favorite campgrounds and one of the best maintained BLM campgrounds I have ever experienced - Goodenough Creek Campground near McCammon, Idaho. This is a beautifully maintained BLM Campground just a few miles off of I-15, Exit 47, which offers up to 14 days of free camping. It’s open for camping May 15-Nov 15, but you can access without vehicles year round. There is a new bathroom building and five RV sites (RV parking with a tent pad. Each has a fire ring and picnic table. After the RV turnaround are around five tent only sites (more are being restored after misuse) and a second bathroom building near the tent camping. Three trails are accessible from the second turnaround near the tent camp sites. Two are BLM maintained trails that are open to ATVs, motor bikes, mountain bikes, hikers, equestrian (BLM 152, 195) and a third trail under restoration is open for foot traffic, horses and mountain bikes. The third is my favorite for a quick hike because it hugs the creek, is mostly shaded, and the elevation change is minimal (e.g., 325 ft elevation gain over first mile). The numbered trails carry you up the canyon walls on either side and connect to many other trails along the mountain range. Its a perfect overnight spot between Utah and Yellowstone or to stay a few days and explore the area.

One of five RV sites with a beautiful view of the Portneuf Range. Each includes RV parking, a picnic table, tent pad and fire ring. There are no hookups, water or garbage services (pack-it-in/pack-it-out).

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